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The Murillo Macias Family

Country - Ecuador

Members of the Family
 - Guido and Angela, and their children Vianka and Josthin

Dates of Birth - Guido 10/20/1966, Angela 3/4/1973, Vianka 6/28/2006, Josthin 10/20/2009

Occupation and Salary - Guido is a day laborer, and can earn about $40 a week during a good week. Angela stays home to look after their children. 

Our Story - Guido is a very hard-working man who worries about his family's situation. He wishes he had a stable job to support them. Angela suffers very much from worrying about her children and their future. The online schooling has been very difficult for them, but they have no other options, as the school are not open yet. Angela is also worried about the health of her son, as he suffers from bad allergies and the rheumatic fever. 

The family lives together in a house owned by Angela's brother. They have access to electricity and running water. 

What Your Sponsorship Provides

When you sponsor a family in Ecuador, your donation supports a monthly gift of food and basic hygiene and cleaning products for the family.  These families are very impoverished and what little income they have is not enough to buy the basic necessities.  Families will also receive monthly visits from volunteers and the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother who not only look after their physical needs but also their spiritual needs.  Any additional funds given beyond the minimum $37 per month will provide other necessities as needed, such as home repairs or basic home utensils.  Additional donations can be made here.

What You'll Receive

As a sponsor, you will receive a newsletter with general updates from our communities in India and Ecuador as well as a letter from your adopted child 3 times per year:  Easter, early fall and Christmas.  We also encourage you to send letters or cards to your adopted child by creating and logging into your account on our website.