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The Robalino Toledo Family

Country - Ecuador

Members of the Family
 - This family consists of Franklin, his wife María Isabel, and their four children, Wellington, María Fernanda, Ronald, and John.  María Fernanda's daughter, Nayesca, also lives with them.

Dates of Birth - Franklin 07/08/1970, María Isabel 01/04/1973, Wellington 05/26/1995, María Fernanda 06/08/1996, Ronald 11/27/2004, John 04/02/2007, Nayesca 05/05/2017

Occupation and Salary -  Franklin is a carpenter, and he is the only one who works in the family.  His wife remains at home and looks after the house and the children. Wellington is not employed due to his problems with alcohol abuse. The rest of the children are in school. 

Our Story - The family lives together in a house in very poor condition in Guayaquil.  They do not legally own the house, since they do not have the $1200 they need to buy it.  The house currently belongs to their relatives, who want to kick them out because they are unable to pay rent.  They do not even have money for electricity or running water. Ronald and Wellington have no bed; they must sleep on a mattress on the floor.

Franklin works as a carpenter, but both he and Wellington struggle with alcohol abuse. He takes the family's money to buy his drinks, and as a result, they don't have enough to even buy food.  The children receive one meal daily from the Guayaquil soup kitchen, and the adults must rely on food donations from their neighbors. The two youngest children (Ronald and John) suffer from malnutrition. 

María Fernanda is mentally disabled, and the father of her child will not accept responsibility for their daughter. He offers them no financial support. 

Despite their struggles, the family has found ways to remain close to the Church.  Ronald has recently made his First Holy Communion and is also an altar server. 

What Your Sponsorship Provides

When you sponsor a family in Ecuador, your donation supports a monthly gift of food and basic hygiene and cleaning products for the family.  These families are very impoverished and what little income they have is not enough to buy the basic necessities.  Families will also receive monthly visits from volunteers and the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother who not only look after their physical needs but also their spiritual needs.  Any additional funds given beyond the minimum $37 per month will provide other necessities as needed, such as home repairs or basic home utensils.  Additional donations can be made here.

What You'll Receive

As a sponsor, you will receive a newsletter with general updates from our communities in India and Ecuador as well as a letter from your adopted child 3 times per year:  Easter, early fall and Christmas.  We also encourage you to send letters or cards to your adopted child by creating and logging into your account on our website.