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Laura Mariana Anchundia Vlez and Family

Country - Ecuador

Members of the Family
 - This family consists of Laura Mariana Vélez Anchundia who was born on January 15, 1990, and her two sons, Ninel Samari, born in 2012 and Jose Armando, born in 2004.  She also lives with her two brothers, two sisters and their families.  She also supports her nephew whose parents were both killed in the earthquake in 2016.

Occupation and Salary - Laura's brother supports the family working as a mechanic, fixing motorbikes.

Our Story - Laura and her family have suffered terribly, both financially and emotionally.  The father of her oldest son was murdered when the son was just a baby.  The father of her other son gives her $90 per month in child support.  Laura supports her nephew, as well, since his parents were killed in the earthquake in 2016.  He was found one day after the earthquake under the bodies of his parents.  Since then, he cannot walk from his hip that broke and he has hypertension.  The house they live in is in very poor condition and is in a very bad neighborhood.  

What Your Sponsorship Provides

When you sponsor a family in Ecuador, your donation supports a monthly gift of food and basic hygiene and cleaning products for the family.  These families are very impoverished and what little income they have is not enough to buy the basic necessities.  Families will also receive monthly visits from volunteers and the Servant Sisters of the Home of the Mother who not only look after their physical needs but also their spiritual needs.  Any additional funds given beyond the minimum $37 per month will provide other necessities as needed, such as home repairs or basic home utensils.  Additional donations can be made here.

What You'll Receive

As a sponsor, you will receive a newsletter with general updates from our communities in India and Ecuador as well as a letter from your adopted child 3 times per year:  Easter, early fall and Christmas.  We also encourage you to send letters or cards to your adopted child by creating and logging into your account on our website.