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Mylan Leonardo Moreira Sanchez

Location:  Pueblo Nuevo, Portoviejo, Ecuador

Gender: Male 

Birthday:  November 18th, 2016

School:   Holy Family

Hobbies: He loves to jump and play.

Parents' Names and Occupations: His mother, Gladys Margarita Sanchez, is a housewife.  His father, Jose Leonardo Moreira, earns a small income as a vendor.    

Siblings: He has an older sister and an older brother.

Reason for Scholarship: The Father's income is not enough to support the family's basic needs.  Additionally, he has a debt for medical expenses that he will continue to pay off until May, 2023.  

What Your Sponsorship Provides
When you sponsor a child in Ecuador, your donation supports the child's education in an excellent school.  These children come from very impoverished areas, and the local schools are greatly lacking.  Your donation will not only allow a child to receive a very good education, but will also allow him or her to experience the love of God in a faith-filled community.  Additional donations can be made here to help support children without sponsors as well as support additional needs of the children, such as gifts, uniforms and school supplies.
What You'll Receive
As a sponsor, you will receive a newsletter with general updates from our communities in India and Ecuador as well as a letter from your adopted child 3 times per year:  Easter, early fall and Christmas.  We also encourage you to send letters or cards to your adopted child by creating and logging into your account on our website.
DOB: 18/11/2016