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Today St. Mary’s is helping nearly 2,000 children realize their simple dream of a life of dignity and hope. The goal is to provide for 4,000 children K through college and make success stories like these commonplace in India. There are so many more children waiting for a chance at life.

"My name is Malick Batcha. I was a little Muslim boy stranded on the streets. I studied through St. Mary’s deaf-mute school and after that I also learned the Mason work. Now I am earning more than Rs.150 a day. I thank the sponsors and St. Mary’s for everything they have been doing for my life."
"I was an orphan, deaf-mute little boy. I am called Vijaya Rajan. After my studies in St. Mary’s school, I learned sewing from the Indian Technical school run by St. Mary’s. I am a tailor now and I am earning enough for my family. I am happy and grateful to St. Mary’s."
"My name is Raja. I am grateful to St. Mary’s for bringing me up and educating me through the school and teaching me how to grow, sell and buy chickens. I am breeding many chickens now. I sell them and make more than enough money for me and my family’s maintenance. I love my sponsors and thank them."
"My name is Ilakkiya. I am a girl and I was helpless. I studied at St. Mary’s deaf-mute school. Now I am working as a clerk in a government office. I earn enough of money to run my family. My heartfelt thanks to St. Mary’s School (Father Antony, Principal, Staff and all my friends) and my sponsors."
"My name is Arivalagi. I am a girl. I was helpless [and had] nobody to care for me. Somehow I was picked up by Father Antony Xavier from the street, and then I studied in St. Mary’s. I passed through the school, [and] then I learned sewing [shirts and other dresses]. Now I have my own machine and a petty shop and I am earning enough for my whole family. I am grateful to St. Mary’s school."
"My name is Suba. I was a deaf-mute abandoned girl. Father Antony Xavier picked me up from a parent’s hut and brought me to St. Mary’s. I had my education there. Now I am working in a shop where they sell readymade dresses and clothes. I am earning enough for my family and me. My monthly salary is Rs.1500. I am grateful to St. Mary’s."
"I am Madhavan. I had only my father. My mother died within three months after my birth. Somehow my father saved me and then, as a baby, I was adopted by St. Mary’s and given to somebody to take care of me until I was 5 years old. Then Father Antony was paying for all my expenses from 5 years old. I completed my studies at St. Mary’s through the school. Now I am a milk vendor and I earn enough for me and for my [aging] father."
"My name is Sundar. I am a poor boy from my poor parents. Somehow I reached St. Mary’s and there I learned how to be a merchant. Now my daily wage is Rs.150 including my overtime. I earn Rs.4000 a month and that is a great income for us. We are all grateful to St. Mary’s and the sponsors."
"My name is Bhuvaneswari. I was taken in and cared for by Father Antony and St. Mary’s. There, I received an education and now am able to care for myself as I am working as an accountant. I am very grateful to Father Antony, the teachers at St. Mary’s and you, the benefactors that helped me."
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