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Ecuador Mission

Your Generosity Has Allowed Us to Expand Our Mission
Help the Helpless is most pleased to announce that we are expanding our works of love and charity to the handicapped and poor people of the impoverished country of Ecuador. We have known of this work being undertaken by a group of Catholic Sisters, Brothers, and Priests for over eight years and feel that we are now at a point where Help the Helpless can continue to support the children of St. Mary’s in India and help with the good works of the Missionary Group of the Home of the Mother in Ecuador.
- More information will be available as we update our website.

Final expansion of St. Mary’s
At this time, Father Antony is praying for guidance by the Holy Spirit regarding the next phase of St. Mary’s School and Orphanage: the establishment of a nurses’ college and hospital here on campus. Such training would open an additional avenue of education for some of our handicapped and poor children and provide needed nursing professionals to India and other countries. The elderly in the surrounding villages would also benefit, receiving quality medical treatment at the hospital from our nurses in training. We are also considering opening up the nurses’ college to a limited number of outside students for a fee to create additional financial support for St. Mary’s and relieve some of the burden from our generous benefactors.

This is a huge undertaking and the feasibility study is still in progress. The financial obstacles are numerous, so your prayers for guidance in this project will be most appreciated.

 - Christmas 2016 video from Eucador


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